Frequently Asked Questions

How does Crime Solvers work?

Crime Solvers is a community based non-profit group who work with police as a resource to help solve crime. Tipsters are asked to call the twenty-four hour tip line at 1-888-540-TIPS. Tips are received based on information provided by police to the news media and the public. Information is confidential and callers are anonymous.

How do I report information to Crime Solvers?

You must call the twenty-four hour non-recorded tip line at 1-888-540-TIPS.

Do I have to give my name?
How do I remain anonymous and still eligible for the cash reward?

No – you do not have to give your name or appear in court. When you call in you will be asked if you want to give your name but you do not have to. If you choose not to you will be given a confidential code number. Write this number down !!! If the information you gave police helps to solve a crime then this code number helps identify you as the caller. Without this code number we cannot verify that you were the person who called and would not be able to pay you the reward.

What other information will Crime Solvers need?

The call taker will ask you for specific information about what you know. The type of crime, suspect’s description, the suspect’s whereabouts, vehicle description, etc. Please be as specific as possible when providing information.

How do I collect on a cash reward?

Crime Solvers offers cash reward of up to $1,000. After providing tip information you should call the law enforcement liaison at the police agency investigating the crime and ask for the Crime Solvers police liaison. (See our contact list) You should call initially two weeks after your tip and every several weeks thereafter. If the information you provided is used to solve the crime the police liaison officer will set up a confidential meeting with you. All rewards are paid in cash.

Can I call Crime Solvers more than once?

You can call Crime Solvers any time you have information about a crime. Each case will be handled individually and you could receive a cash reward for any case solved by police using your tip information.

Do crimes have to be of a certain type before Crime Solvers will pay cash reward or advertise them?

No. Crime Solvers will advertise any crime and accept tips on any crimes or for any person wanted by police.

Is there a Crime Solvers Program in our schools?

Yes, Crime Solvers does post flyers and information at each of the County’s schools. Students may call and report any information on crimes committed. Students are encouraged to report incidents of drugs, weapons, and violence. Like adults the student’s information and identity is anonymous and/or kept confidential.

How do I as a victim enlist the aid of Crime Solvers to help solve my crime?

Simply contact the police officer investigating your incident and ask them to contact the police liaison officer to Crime Solvers. Crime Solvers will research the incident and create wanted flyers and a brief news release for the local paper to publish. Please note that all cases must be approved.You cannot advertise a Crime Solvers reward without their permission.

How do I get someone advertised on the Crime Solvers Most Wanted list?

The Crime Solvers Most Wanted list comes from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. You must contact the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Warrant/Fugitive Unit at 410-836-5457 for Criminal Warrants and 410-836-5409 for Non-Support Warrants and discuss with them the display of a wanted subject. If the person you want advertised is under investigation then you must contact the police liaison at the police department where that investigation is being conducted.