About Us

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Harford County Crime Solvers was founded in 1987 as a community resource designed to assist police departments in Harford County with apprehending those responsible for committing crimes.

Crime Solvers offers a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for committing crime in Harford County.

Unlike other Crime Solver organizations, Harford County Crime Solvers does not differentiate between misdemeanors and felonies. They ask tipsters to call in with information on any crime.

Crimes Solvers is comprised of a Board of Directors and Police Council. Citizens and business people make up the non-profit Board of Directors while members representing every law enforcement agency in Harford County comprise the police council. Board meetings are held once a month. Board members are responsible for conducting the business of Crime Solvers, provide advice and direction, and assist with fundraising efforts.

Crime Solvers does resemble other Crime Solvers groups by asking that whenever possible each police agency either releases to the news media or develops flyers containing information describing a crime that has occurred or a wanted person currently being sought by police. Crime Solvers staffs a twenty-four hour anonymous non-recorded tip line. Upon calling, the caller is asked for specific information about the crime or the wanted person. The caller is then given a confidential code number and instructed to call Crime Solvers in two weeks to ascertain if the information was valid and an arrest had been made.

While the caller is asked if they want to identify themselves it is NOT mandatory they do so. Not providing their name does not exclude or disqualify them from receiving the reward. If the tipster’s information is used in apprehending the wanted subject or solving the crime then the tipster is so informed. A confidential meeting is arranged between the police and tipster where they are given the cash reward.

Crime Solvers is a very active community based group whose desire is to help police make Harford County a safer community. Thank you for visiting our site.